25 Fr_Corapi

Father Corapi will preach a one-day retreat in Buffalo on Aug. 15. (George Martell photo)


Father John Corapi

2 responses to “25 Fr_Corapi

  1. Kathy

    Dear Father I have watched all of your retreats on EWTN and thank thank you.
    You are certainly Holy Spirit filled.
    You are an inspiraton for all who hear you.
    Thank you again and may God Bless you.

  2. Father,

    Out the tens of thosand of emails and letters your must receive, I am alittle leary this will actually get to you. but here goes.

    About 5 years ago my sister-in-law died of a drug overdose, leaving two wonderful boyes, at the time a 5 yr old and a 7 yr. Without thinking twice I moved in with the kids and my brother (who is been a drug addicted since he was about 12 years old). It was without a dout pure hell. I left on my own with the boyes we now have our own place.

    I truly feel that this was my calling, this is why god held me aside. You see I’v prayed for years to be married and have a family of my own, I couldn’t understand it, why not me god? I’m a good person wheres my big wedding? I”d make a good mom, wheres buddle of joy? I am one of six, I have 5 brothers. So of course I too would have a big family, right?. I could not understand it, one by one my girlfriend were getting married, starting families, and getting on with life. I prayed so many times to Saint Anthony, father I could just hear the poor guy in heaven saying “noway not you again”.
    Never the less I prayed and prayed. And guess what father I relized it was never about me, it was about those two little boyes that needed a mom fast, I now thank God everyday that he held me aside and I was able to be their for them. Funny how things work out right? My boyes are now 10 and 12, their both great kids, and I love them more than I can say, They both have been through so much, they don’t see their dad to much, but i have done my best trying to give them a better life . They both made their first Holy Communion this past may, the 12 yr old will make his Conformation this may,. We don’t have much, but thank God at the end of the day we have each other. So I wanted to thank you, I watch you all the time and I try to inspire my brother to watch(but he is still fighting his demon). because of you I now say the rosary everyday father. I’v taught my boyes to pray. God did not exist in the house that they live in with their parents, God does exist in my house in my life so because of that faith these boyes will have a much better chance at life.

    I hope that this some how gets to you and that maybe you could say alittle pray for me and my boyes I will certainly say one for you.
    God Bless you
    Sherri Dunnet

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