Obama and the new holocaust

Piles of shoes several feet high filled a glassed-in room. Next to it was another room filled with eyeglasses. Then I saw the room filled with human hair—clumps of hair and even long braided hair which had been shaved off of women destined for the gas chambers. Despite the fact that it was over 50 years old, the braid looked freshly cut. Coming face-to-face with the remnants of horror and mass murder is life changing. The camp commandant at Auschwitz testified at the Nuremberg Trials that up to 3 million people died there. The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum has revised this figure to 1.1 million.

My 1997 visit to the Nazis’ largest death camp in southern Poland is still fresh in my mind after more than 12 years. The memories came rushing back after hearing of news reports of President Obama’s June 5 visit to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.

Buchenwald is a place “where people were deemed inhuman because of their differences,” Obama said. “These sights have not lost their horror with the passage of time.” Even though more than 50 years have passed, he said, “our grief and our outrage over what happened have not diminished. I will not forget what I have seen here today.”

The main gate at the Auschwitz death camp

The main gate at the Auschwitz death camp

He’s right. My experience left me with the same feeling. I left changed forever after seeing the ovens that the Nazis used to cremate the remains and erase their crimes. It was almost surreal to walk under Auschwitz’s iron gate crowned with the infamous motto “Arbeit macht frei” — work brings freedom — an obvious lie … and everyone involved knew it.

There are no words to describe the horror of standing in a place where millions of innocent human lives were so callously extinguished. It’s important that the world never forget the holocaust in order that it may never happen again. Civilized human beings should never permit the wholesale slaughter of a race of people under any circumstances.

If you’ve ever stood in front of an abortion mill and recognized what goes on inside, the feeling of horror is no different than that of visiting a Nazi death camp. There’s no question that the Nazis were good at killing. The abortion industry, however, has perfected it. Their efficiency would have left even the most hardened Nazi in awe. Hitler himself would be proud. Every state in the union has “clinics” where women can come to have their child exterminated. There were over 1 million abortions in the U.S. last year — 50 million dead since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the new holocaust in 1973.

Since taking office in January, Obama has consistently made pro-abortion appointments to key administration positions like the head of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. One of his first acts was to reverse the Mexico City Policy, sending millions of dollars to fund abortions overseas. Obama issued an executive order on Jan. 22 reversing the Bush administration policy that bans the use of federal dollars by non-governmental organizations that discuss or provide abortions outside of the United States.

Life is good. Really good.

Life is good. Really good.

Interestingly, despite his popularity, Obama has shown himself to be incredibly out of touch with the American public. A spate of polls in May revealed that the majority of Americans are against abortion on demand.  A Gallup poll, conducted from May 7-10, found that about 51% of Americans call themselves “pro-life” and 42% “pro-choice.” This is the first time a majority of U.S. adults have identified themselves as pro-life since Gallup began asking that question in 1995.

If this trend continues, it’s conceivable that within my lifetime, a future president of the United States will make a pilgrimage at a former abortion mill, lay a wreath and echo Obama’s very words: “I will not forget what I have seen here today. These sights have not lost their horror over time.”

Let’s hope. And let’s pray that this comes to pass.



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9 responses to “Obama and the new holocaust

  1. BJ

    Make sure the President and his cohorts get a copy.
    One man’s extermination is apparently another’s

  2. Obama and his utter blindness to the reality of abortion. Future generations who fully recognize the abortion holocaust will watch this clip and marvel at his failure to see the truth.

  3. Debbie G

    Marlon, I agree with you, but I think rather than his failure to see truth, it is actually a conscious refusal to see it. To me, that makes it much worse.

  4. Max

    The abortion genocide is the worst genocide in the history of the world by far. Over 300 million pre-born babies have been murdered worldwide in the last 60 years alone (conservatively). That number does not include the unknown numbers killed by chemical starvation methods from the birth control pill, (which most all Christians have no idea cause chemical abortion to already conceived embryos, see epm.org).

    All the genocides of Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, the Derg, Pol Pot, etc. etc. etc. put together don’t even come close to the continuing genocide of abortion.

    It is time for a new exodus out of all nations that fund and further abortion. Do not continue to live in any nation that forces you to fund the murder of pre-born babies, or you are part of the crime itself. Excuses have always been made during the occurrences of all genocides in history from those living while they were going on.

  5. JJ

    Both the Democrat and Republican Parties are PRO-ABORTS and will only nominate presidential candidates that are FAVORABLE to keeping abortion legal and honoring horrifically bad past decisions such as Roe v Wade. If America falls and we rebuild the nation, there is a chance then that we can elect a pro-life pres, but if that doesn’t happen then don’t count on it happening in your lifetime.

    EDITOR’s NOTE: The Republican Party’s official platform is pro-life. Let’s keep it that way… and help pro-life Democrats attain the same goal.

  6. To suggest an analogy between President Obama and the Holocaust is odious. Despite the years of Republican control of government from 1973 on; Roe v. Wade hasn’t been eliminated. Hence, the attacks on President Obama indicate an alternative agenda.

    EDITOR’S COMMMENT: President Obama did not initiate the holocaust of the unborn, but he (and many others, both Republicans and Democrats) spur it on through their policies and inaction. Eliminating Roe v. Wade alone will not stop the slaughter of the unborn. A non-violent cultural and spiritual shift must accompany it.

    • John f. Kennedy said. Gods work here on earth, Must truly be our own. Calling on all true Christian around the world. We must continue to pray to the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth. For we are the face of the earth. Our face is so beat up that it is beyond recognition. Only God can restore it. Remember that from ashes we were formed and to ashes will return. So why do we want to send our unborn back into the ground, Like they were rotten potatoes. Dear God we ask you to have mercy to all the nations of the world, enlighten all of us. Through The Holy Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen.

  7. Adam Ochudzawa

    The most upsetting side of this abortion law is that the law itself has become a crime. They flick all words and philosophy of life to make right what is wrong. Abortion is a killing of the most of innocent. Criminals and nothing else! It’s strange that people do not protest it high. Gays and lesbians protest quick on the streets when something goes not right for them . We just keep writing and talking. If the Obama’s mother did it to him (abort him) there would be no president of USA … Wake up Obama! “Wake up America” as Father Corapi says. To be a good president is to be wise . Wisdom does not come form intelligence but from God as he is the truth.

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